Magnetic circular bullseye level

Magnetic circular level / bullseye level, aligned

code no. 200 128

With this multi-purpose aligned magnetic circular level you are able to measure and level directly all the goods, machinery, caravans and motor homes, trailers, etc. in both directions simultaneously.

A standard spirit level must be rotated at least once by 90 ° in order to level out the goods, machinery, etc. until the air bubble is in the middle.

To make this alignment to an exact horizontal position as simple as possible, we have attached to our circular level a magnet that our circular vial firmly fixed in one place without having to hold it.

In addition, these adjusted, magnetic circular level is available with a glow in dark effect. After a short charging time in daylight this circular bubble lights up after several hours. This facilitates leveling in a very dark place or at night.

Magnetic circular bulls eye level
  • cylinder Ø: 22,1 mm
  • flange Ø: 30 mm
  • height: 13,15 mm
  • circular flange
  • Nickel plated brass with a precision bull's eye level
  • with a magnet

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