Opto-electronic sensor level

Opto-electronic sensor level - ELISE

Art.Nr. 500S44

eLiSe is the topic of a class of opto-electronic 2D zero position indicators. Sensors of this type consist of three components:

  1. a precision circular level,
  2. an opto-electronic pick-up module and
  3. an evaluation electronics.

The features of the precision level define the detection range and the sensitivity of the complete system. The opto-electronic pick-up module includes the integrated emitter-receiver-unit and also the signal processing.


Light of an LED is directed to the level vial and reflected strongly in the area of the bubble. By means of a standard 4-quadrants-analysis the position of the focal point of the reflecting area is calculated from the single current values. In this manner it is possible to determine the position of the bubble within the detection range of the system. The procedure permits the accurate adjustment of the zero position with support of an actuator.

Benefits of the system

  • gravimetric basic principle
  • self-calibrating
  • low zero point drift
  • detection of zero point in arc second
  • long term stability
  • small dimensionsshock resistant
  • practically no cross-sensitivity
  • suitable for mobile and robust applications
  • evaluation electronics withstandard interfaces (I2C, SPI, UART)
  • flexible and value for money by modular Setup

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