High precision glass circular levels / Bullseye levels / Circular Bubble Levels

Apart from our wide range of glass circular spirit levels / Bullseye levels / Circular Bubble Levels with a precision ground glass lens, we also produce special models according to your demands. The centering circle is applied to all circular spirit levels on the inner side of the ground glass to protect the circle from mechanical abrasion. In addition, the parallax shift is avoided.

If you cannot find a suitable circular spirit level / Bull's eye level in our range, please e-mail us with your request and we will help to solve your specific problems.

Bubble level / Bullseye level manufacturing options

The centering circle and the liquid can be individually colored according to your wishes.

All of our precision circular spirit levels are also available with a non-hazardous filling.

If you need further information please contact us by e-mail or by phone 0049 711 36550827.

Sensitivity of the precision bullseye level / circular bubble level

Sensitivity is an important specification for a spirit level; its accuracy depends on its sensitivity. The sensitivity of a level can be specified in two ways. One possibility is to indicate the sensitivity of a level as the change of the angle in degrees (°), minutes (´) or seconds (´´) required to move the bubble by a set distance of usually 2mm (1 ° = 60´ = 3600´´). Another possibility is the specification in mm / m. In this case, the height difference x in mm over a length of 1 m is decisive. The sensitivity always refers to a bubble path of 2 mm, if no other information is given.

All of our circular levels are available in the following sensitivities (arc minutes):

5' - 6' - 8' - 11' - 17' - 25' - 30' - 40' (arc minutes).

We would be pleased to advise you to find the right sensitivity for your application. Please send us an e-mail!

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