circular levels/ vials

Precision Circular levels / Bullseye levels / Bubble Levels and vials made of aluminum, stainless steel and die-cast zinc made in Germany since 1986!

We are a German manufacturer and we are specialized in producing high-quality precision spirit levels / bullseye levels. Our range includes circular levels made of aluminum, stainless steel, die-cast zinc and circular levels for sensors / lasers with a ground glass lens for many applications in which precise alignment of devices is required. This can also be done opto-electronically via our opto-electronic level sensor.
We sell these in a wide range of sizes and sensitivities and produce many standard types as well as custom made products.

Circular levels & circular vials

Where are high quality precision glass circular vials & Circular levels & bullseye levels used?

Circular levels & circular vials for applications in which high-precision and fast alignment is required! Circular vials are generally used in applications which require dual axis measurements.
Our customers are manufacturers of scales, in particular industrial scales, laboratory scales and food scales. Our precise circular levels are also built into surveying devices, sensors, various geodetic instruments, laser levels, tripods, lifting platforms, wheel alignment devices, cranes, professional cameras and machines.

Your advantages

Customer focus is very important to our company

For more than 30 years we follow the rule of “the customer always comes first”!
If you cannot find a suitable precision circular level / circular vial for your application in our product range, we will be happy to manufacture the level / vial that is suitable for your needs according to your wishes and technical specifications.
The centering circle and the liquid can be colored individually according to your wishes.
All of our precision circular vials are also available with a non-hazardous / hazardous substance-free filling on request.


All of our circular levels / Bullseye levels / Bubble Levels and vials are available with the following sensitivities (given in arc minutes) at no extra charge:
5 ′ – 6 ′ – 8 ′ – 11 ′ – 17 ′ – 25 ′ – 30 ′ – 40
We will be happy to advise you in order to find the right sensitivity for your application. Please send us an email!

Made in Germany

We have been specialists in the manufacture of precision levels / Bullseye levels / Bubble Levels and circular vials since 1986. We obtain almost all of our raw material from reliable suppliers in Germany.

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    Did you know...?

    ... that the animal got its name because of its ability to balance. Libelle comes from libra, the diminutive of the Latin word libra (scales). Above all, this was used to designate spirit levels and the instruments of measurement technology are still known today under the word dragonfly.

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