Stainless steel spirit level with integrated circular level made of glass

Code no. 200 301

High quality spirit level made of stainless steel 1.4305

Length: 70mm

Width: 22mm

Height: 25mm

Sensitivity: 40 arc minutes

High-quality spirit level made of stainless steel 1.4305 with an adjusted precision circular bubble level made of aluminum. Once placed, all objects, machines, household appliances, caravans and trailers, etc. can be measured and leveled in both directions at the same time. The integrated circular level has a sensitivity of 30 arc minutes.

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Drilling machine level

code no. 200 300

This Drilling machine bullseye level is easy to attach on all types of drilling machines. It can be used to exactly set both vertical and horizontal drilled holes.

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Cross spirit level

Code No. 200 129

Compact cross spirit level made in Germany for the simultaneous alignment of two horizontal planes.

Ideal for aligning household appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines, machines and other equipment, caravans and mobile homes that need to be aligned. Easiest alignment because of only one level with a centering circle. Stable and high-quality metal housing with integrated precision circular bullseye level.

– Small, light and compact design, fits in your pocket
– Material: aluminum + cut glass lens
– Liquid color: colorless
– Color: Black
– Sensitivity: 40 minutes of arc
(inclination in degrees: 0.6 °, inclination in mm / m: approx. 12mm / m)
– Dimensions: height 9 mm x width 60 mm x length 60 mm

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    ... that the animal got its name because of its ability to balance. Libelle comes from libra, the diminutive of the Latin word libra (scales). Above all, this was used to designate spirit levels and the instruments of measurement technology are still known today under the word dragonfly.

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